Tools 4 Trainers to Empower NEETS (T4TEMP)

Tools 4 Trainers to Empower NEETS is a project with the aim to increase participation of young adults into the labour market and further education through up-skilling educators, career counsellors and youth workers with new techniques and skills. 
A secondary aim is to raise awareness of the diverse nature of the NEET population across member states so that trainers can adapt their delivery to accommodate their learner’s needs. 
In order to meet those aims, an International Comparison State of Art of Adult educators and target group of NEETs was created and analysed to identify the areas in which the project resources needed to focus.   
As a result of this research an on-line e-Learning Toolkit and targeted courses have been created. These resources are designed to enable the adult educators to understand, support and improve their skills in order to become more effective in their roles. This training course can be taken as a series of training materials to be used in sequence towards a modular training course for the target group, or, as a flexible set of resources to be used independently of the other topics.